#FemmeFatale Updates

I know, I know, it has been a hot minute since you have heard from your fearless leader in red–aka yours truly. 

Well, you’ll be glad to know that V.I.L.E. is really flourishing and we’ve been pulling off some of the best heists of our careers: The Sahara Snow and The Fenway Feint take that, cheating Red Sox bastards. might have been my favorites.

It has been an absolute blast to spend the last six months with my #squad, Eartha and Tess. I haven’t had as much time at home with Sir Warrant, but I’m thrilled to see Our Lady Peace on Thursday at home and spend a long weekend curled up with Waldo and catching up on terrible Lifetime movies.

We’re planning another big heist very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on this space!



Carmen San Diego: AMA


My flight to Boston went pretty smoothly, all things considered (have to be prepared to fight when flying on United. Yikes!) — but sadly, I couldn’t get on the WiFi. So now that I’ve done some work for the day, I’m settling into my stellar room at the Nine Zero and answering all the questions that inquiring minds want to know. 😉

@Authorbebdora asks: If you could live in ONE video game world, which one would it be and why?

A: I feel like it might be narcissistic to answer with any of the games where I am the titular character (how cool is it that I’m in video games?!), but currently, I’d be content in living in the world of Renowned Explorers: International Society. It has many of the things I love: plotting, travel, and loot!

Patty Larceny asks: How do you keep that hair flawless in each and every caper? I look ghastly after finishing an intricate heist. Those Gumshoes never give me quite enough time for both the heist and a fabulous touch up.

So sweet of you to say, Patty! I have to admit, I am a big fan of Keratase’s entire line (http://www.kerastase-usa.com), tell them Bela sent you! 😉 Take time to treat yourself to a good salon visit – the best villains always look stylish on the go.

Double Trouble asks: Do you have any travel tips for arriving fresh and ready to purloin precious prizes? Sometimes all this travel takes the energy out of me.

I definitely recommend ensuring you upgrade to First-Class (you can use your V.I.L.E. ID to get the discounted upgrade)! Additionally, I find creating a playlist for each mission helps get me in the zone and relax before the big heists. I just made a new playlist for our heist this week – email me and I’ll send you this week’s tunes. 🙂

The Chief (ACME) asks: Carmen San Diego! How is it that you keep evading our Gumshoes and getting away with the loot?

A: Oh Chief. Sweet, simple, Chief. If this doesn’t explain it, I’m not sure what will:

By the way, the V.I.L.E. crew is planning something. The city is the home of one of the last clock manufacturing companies in the United States.

I’m Carmen San Diego, AMA

Alright, V.I.L.E. hopefuls and future thieves, I’m about to head on a flight to Boston for some scouting and will have WiFi. Ask me anything in the comments below and I’ll compile a post on the flight. Have you ever wanted to know how to start your own thieves’ guild? Want to know how to smash the patriarchy and look fabulous while doing it? Ever wonder what my favorite beverage is? All questions are fair game.

Burglary in Brussels


Expo 58, the first major World’s Fair held after World War II, must have been a surreal time in Brussels. Hearing “Poème électronique”  pour through the strategically placed 425 loud speakers in the Phillips Pavillion, Mozart’s Requiem in the open on display (I have the missing corner framed in my office), and the stunning epitome of faith in scientific progress encapsulated by Waterkeyn took my breath away.

So of course I decided to add it to the collection. Sent out one of my finest henchmen (hench…bot?) and within a few short days, we’d relocated this iconic work to the V.I.L.E. headquarters. Thanks for the assist, Robocrook.