Burglary in Brussels


Expo 58, the first major World’s Fair held after World War II, must have been a surreal time in Brussels. Hearing “Poème électronique”  pour through the strategically placed 425 loud speakers in the Phillips Pavillion, Mozart’s Requiem in the open on display (I have the missing corner framed in my office), and the stunning epitome of faith in scientific progress encapsulated by Waterkeyn took my breath away.

So of course I decided to add it to the collection. Sent out one of my finest henchmen (hench…bot?) and within a few short days, we’d relocated this iconic work to the V.I.L.E. headquarters. Thanks for the assist, Robocrook.


4 thoughts on “Burglary in Brussels

    1. Been thinking of your next assignment – how does swiping Fenway Park sound? We could always use a timeless piece of sporting history like Fenway at V.I.L.E. HQ. I’ll ping you with additional details — a few of us might be in Boston soon to pull off a series of heists like the Boston Division has never seen before.


  1. Robobot seems very helpful in “relocating” items of value! I too look forward to helping you with jobs in the future!


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