I’m Carmen San Diego, AMA

Alright, V.I.L.E. hopefuls and future thieves, I’m about to head on a flight to Boston for some scouting and will have WiFi. Ask me anything in the comments below and I’ll compile a post on the flight. Have you ever wanted to know how to start your own thieves’ guild? Want to know how to smash the patriarchy and look fabulous while doing it? Ever wonder what my favorite beverage is? All questions are fair game.


7 thoughts on “I’m Carmen San Diego, AMA

    1. I feel like it might be narcissistic to say any of my own games, but perhaps I would choose Renowned Explorers: International Society. It has many of the things I love, plotting, travel, and treasures!


  1. Yes, how do you keep that hair flawless in each and every caper? I look ghastly after finishing an intricate heist. Those Gunshoes never give me quite enough time for both the heist and a fabulous touch up.


  2. Do you have any travel tips for arriving fresh and ready to purloin precious prizes? Sometimes all this travel takes the energy out of me.


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